As part of our mission to maintain a strong energy majority in the Texas Legislature for years to come, we MUST have the resources to help both Republicans and Democrats who are friends of the industry.


In many ways, our industry is under attack. Anti-energy activists assault the very industry providing the tax revenue that builds our schools, paves our roads, and funds our universities. Any unreasonable limitations or unnecessarily burdensome regulations on oil and natural gas activity is an assault on our economy and ultimately our jobs within the industry.


False claims and junk science sometimes lead policymakers to use government to pick winners and losers when it comes to energy options, rather than allowing our free market principles to work.


By making an investment with the Texas Oil & Gas Good Government Committee, you are investing in the kind of politically organized effort that can affect change and fight to preserve the reasonable policies, sound science, and free market principles that built our industry and have made our state the strongest economy in the nation.


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